Friday, July 29, 2011

Toy Tea Set And Chalkware Bank

Would you like to have tea? I have just the set for you! Sixteen pieces, no chips, no cracks.

We are all focused on being thrifty and saving our pennies. This little girl is available to help, as she is a chalkware bank.

And I found a few more pieces of milk glass, as well as a sweet little creamer to include in the cupboard.
There's fun to be had every day in the aisles of Antique NV. Come and join us this weekend!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage Buttons, French Cuff Links and More!

I added lots of neat items to the cupboard this morning.

A selection of vintage buttons and two pairs of French Cuff Links.

I totally love this set of paintings, which are the four seasons. They remind me of my mother's four seasons that hung in our living room when I was growing up -- except they are not cheap prints purchased at TG&Y, but were painted by L. Bailey!

How about a set of cocktail glasses that document the Dow Jones Average at various points in history from 1971-1981? Or, a lovely pottery flower pot and a couple of figurines made in Japan. Also, two more brides and their grooms. These are perfect decorations for wedding showers or reception tables, or even the cake!

I love the yellow Desert Ware platter in this grouping.

Do you need one or two milk glass compotes? How about a sleeping angel or a Tiara glass child's plate with a matching mug?

Everyone needs at least one metal box where treasures are kept safe. And, if you think you've got a screw loose, I've got some here you can use to replace it!

The heat is forecast to be in triple digits all week. Come out and enjoy the air conditioning at Antique NV and shop booth #59!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vera Napkins & Walt Disney's Cinderella + More

Here are the new items in the cupboard this week. The Syracuse China platter is small and cute, as is the Morton U.S.A. flower pot. I love the graphics of the large children's books I've been finding recently. The wooden stool was a great find, as were the Vera butterfly napkins and the Star of David 3 footed bowls.

I've never seen anything like this interesting "summer blanket." It reminds me of bamboo placements. It's 64" x 76" and could be used as a tablecloth.

A couple of other linen pieces are a lovely aqua damask cloth (48" x 62") and a table runner featuring red tulips.

Beat the heat this weekend by walking the aisles of Antique NV and finding treasures in all the booths, but especially in booth #59!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tavern Novelty Candles

This collection, plus a few other items, was added to the cupboard today.
I love the souvenir California fan. This type of flower frog is very useful for displaying vintage postcards, greeting cards or even place cards at an informal table. The S&P shakers are Japan Lusterware and the bird on a brach was also made in Japan. The Fire King bowl with a handle will be perfect for soup and chili in the fall.
I almost kept these precious candles for myself, but I resisted. These little vintage bunnies and ducks are too. too. cute. Won't they be perfect for Easter decorations?
Beat the heat this weekend and tour the aisles at Antique NV in Jenks, Oklahoma. You will have fun!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Those 70's Glasses

I added these items to the cupboard today!
Doesn't this set of glasses just scream "1970's!" I love them and they coordinate perfectly with the deviled egg and crudité platter.

There's fun to be had every day at Antique NV. Come and join us!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Original Paintings and Linens

Today's grouping added to the cupboard features three paintings and some linens.
These photos don't do justice to the color in these three matching doilies. It's more of a salmon color than red. It's very pretty.
We have a pink striped embroidered tea towel with lovely tatting on the ends, as well as a pretty pink and white hot pad.
The table runner is very nicely done with turquoise embroidered flowers. It would go great with some of the turquoise Fiestaware that is available in the cupboard!
I love original paintings. These two were signed by Eleanor, SR '76. Senior in high school, do you think?
This little painting doesn't have a signature.
I'll be out searching for more treasures tomorrow. Come back to see what I have found!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hull USA Bowls, Fiestaware, Aprons and More!

It was 96° this morning when I finished prepping new items for the cupboard and I elected not to photograph them outside. Instead, they went straight to the cupboard!
Here's a close up of the center section, featuring Fire King, Pyrex, restaurant ware platters and colorful vegetable bowls, one of which is Japan Lusterware.
There is a round mirror and a tri-fold mirror ready for your home.
This photo shows the tri-fold mirror, as well as the white chamber pot, milk glass flower vases, some linens and Fiestaware. Fiesta colors of Rose, Apricot and Sea Mist Green are retired. The Turquoise color is still in production.
These Hull USA bowls and saucers are new in the cupboard today.
This view shows some of the lovely linens that are available. The red gingham apron is one of three handmade aprons added in the last few days. This photo also shows the funky, globe desk lamp. I just love that lamp!
If you are looking for a fun way to beat the heat, stroll the air conditioned aisles of Antique NV in Jenks, OK and be sure to visit booth #59!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Riverside Glass Works - Croesus Pattern

I was fortunate to acquire four pieces of Croesus pattern glass made by Riverside Glass Works, circa 1898. Green is my all time favorite color and it was very difficult for me to add these to the cupboard today. I would have much preferred to keep them for myself, but I resisted!

Also included in this grouping is a lovely, old syrup pitcher in a similar green glass and the gravy boat is Alfred Meakin's Richmond pattern.

There are a variety of items in this grouping; a cute little lusterware salt shaker, a hand painted salt cellar, a pair of Gerold Porzellan birds, a 1959 bride & groom, a cute flowered hand towel, a D. E. McNicol Pottery Co. chamber pot, a few pieces of milk glass and a Frankhoma cornucopia.
I hope you make time to take a trip to the cupboard soon!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Restaurant Ware, Cocktail Accessories, Japan Lusterware

I've added some fun things to the cupboard today!

I have a couple of divided plates made by Shenango China and Albert Pick Co., as well as two lovely platters made by Rosenthal and Felda. A sweet little blue and white pitcher, as well as a Pyrex refrigerator dish that is looking for it's lid.

I also have the accessories you will need to have a perfect cocktail party. First there are two shakers, one of which has 5 matching glasses. We also have a mixing glass and a tray that have multiple cocktail recipes for your reference. How fun!

I have a few pieces of Japan lusterware; two vases, two sets of salt & peppers, with mustard pots on matching trays, and an individual mustard pot. I also have salts, with spoons, as well as mini shakers. To go with the cocktail accessories above, I have "Olives" and "Onions" decorative jars and cocktail napkins. Additionally, there are two very nice cigar cutters.
And don't forget the funky, vintage beauty that is the globe desk lamp! (Thanks to The Husband for rewiring it for the new owner.)

All are available at booth # 59 in Antique NV in lovely Jenks, OK. I would love you to come and visit.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vintage Pyrex and Fire King

You can now find a vintage Pyrex Friendship bowl and two pieces of Fire King Cornflower, along with many other items, in the cupboard!

Booth #59 at Antique NV in Jenks, OK!