Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vintage Prints, Silverplate, S&P's, Cookies, Dinosaurs & Cocktails!

A good variety of merchandise was added to the booth today.
I love the vintage flower prints, as well as the Hanukkah cookie cutters.

Did you notice the yellow & green individual S&P's? Cute!
The little turquoise saucer is adorable.

The silverplate ice tea spoons are 1847 Rogers Brothers.

The silverplate soup spoons, butter knife and gravy ladle are Saxony.

Do you need to learn about dinosaurs, while eating dinosaur cookies? 
I can help.

You could learn how to take 35mm photos, while talking on the CB radio, all while learning words from "The Devil's Dictionary."

And, let's not forget the cocktails you can mix and stir.
After all, New Year's Eve approaches!

Martini recipes, as well as other cocktails.

More cocktail recipes.

Happy New Year (plastic) and Sail Boat (glass) swizzle sticks.

Funny history (plastic) and multi color ball (glass) swizzle sticks.

Glasses that can be personalized with your name and drink ingredients!

We would love to see you at Antique NV, in Jenks, OK. 
Be sure to visit me in booth # 59!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Toy Railroad Engines, Vintage Christmas Photos, Cookbooks, American Prescut & Milk Glass

These two vintage Santa Fe toy engines are made by Tyco and Bachmann. I love the vintage black & white Christmas photos.
Have you ever seen the Colorado Cache cookbook? It's a good one! I love the graphics and the recipes in "The New Joys of Jell-O."
A few pieces of the very versatile American Prescut glassware, as well as a vintage juice glass and glass doorknob.
And a few more pieces of milk glass, which is just as versatile as American Prescut!
 Why don't you plan to visit booth #59 at Antique NV soon?

Taylor Smith Taylor Reveille China

I just added a number Taylor Smith Taylor Reveille pieces to the cupboard.

You could serve your closest friends a cup or two of coffee with this cheerful coffee pot and matching cups and saucers.
I have the creamer and sugar bowl, but unfortunately the bowl lid is missing. The Salt & Pepper shakers and the butter dish are both available.
Also available are an 8" bowl, 9.5" platter, 11" platter, a 2 spout bowl as well as a great little casserole dish with a lid.
A couple of lovely pottery pitchers have been added to cupboard, as well as two great children's books and a couple of cute winking Santa mugs.
All of these items and more can be found in Booth 59 at Antique NV. Why don't you stop in this week and take a look around?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Books, Dishes and Christmas Decorations

Do you need to read up on gardening? I have ©1954 and 1955 books for you.
An interesting story about a boy and a coyote © 1972.
I love these California Provincial by Metlox-Poppytrail dishes. I love them so much, I have a few at my house!
Invite your friends for coffee! Cream and sugar?
If you don't like coffee, would you like to serve tea? I have some lovely German and English bone china cups and saucers.
Pretty, aren't they?
I love this jolly Santa face. As well as these holiday napkin rings. They are cloth, with red tatting on the edges.
Come visit me at booth #59 in Antique NV, Jenks, Oklahoma! I'd love to see you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Items Available!

I've neglected this blog lately, but I'm going to stop doing that. I promise!

A few pieces of Staffordshire Ironstone was added to the cupboard today. The pattern name is Royal Mail.
Here we have a Rodney Kent hammered aluminum condiment set, a Quaker Oats tin, a Pyrex coffee carafe, a wooden stool, wooden framed mirror and the ©1950 book Famous Horse Stories.
American Prescut cruet, McCoy flower pots, Fenton Opalescent Hobnail perfume bottle, two Virgina Rose saucers by Homer Laughlin and a glass platter.
A nice assortment of milk glass items.
If you haven't visited Antique NV lately, why don't you plan to stop by!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shaving Mugs, Mustache Cups, Tea Cups, Vintage Toys & American Indian Recipes

I have a lot of cups to share with you today!

English and German shaving mugs.
English mustache cups.
English tea cups.
Let's add an English tea pot with warmer to go with the English tea cups.
Let's put some cookies in this cute "Kew" chintz dish to serve with our tea.
If, however, you are serving toast with your tea, would you like to churn your own butter?
If cookies or toast are not desired, perhaps you will find a recipe in this 1948 American Indian Recipe book by Alice Tinker from Pawhuska, OK.
And last, but not least, a couple of cute vintage toys. A sewing machine and a cash register.
These items and many more can be found in booth #59 at Antique NV. Why don't you plan to visit!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transferware, Shawnee Corn, Jewel Tea, McCoy & Cocktails!

I've recently been out of town, but I've now returned and am actively acquiring treasures for the cupboard.

This hand embroidered sampler is professionally framed, with a sticker on the back from City Art Store, 213 So. Boulder, Tulsa, OK, GI 7-9505. Phone numbers in Tulsa changed from alpha/numeric to numeric only when I was a kid. This means the sampler has been framed for at least 40 years, perhaps longer. There is a bit of water staining (?) along the bottom of the piece, but it does not really detract from it's overall beauty.
I love these red and blue pieces, as well as the cut glass salts.
How about a glass of juice and a deviled egg? What can we put in the cut glass compote?
Do you collect milk glass or Jewel Tea?
I love Shawnee Corn!
I also love McCoy pottery.
But, I really love stylish cocktails!
Come and see these items, as well as many others, in Booth #59 at Antique NV in Jenks, OK. I'm sure any or all of them would look wonderful in your home!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Toy Tea Set And Chalkware Bank

Would you like to have tea? I have just the set for you! Sixteen pieces, no chips, no cracks.

We are all focused on being thrifty and saving our pennies. This little girl is available to help, as she is a chalkware bank.

And I found a few more pieces of milk glass, as well as a sweet little creamer to include in the cupboard.
There's fun to be had every day in the aisles of Antique NV. Come and join us this weekend!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage Buttons, French Cuff Links and More!

I added lots of neat items to the cupboard this morning.

A selection of vintage buttons and two pairs of French Cuff Links.

I totally love this set of paintings, which are the four seasons. They remind me of my mother's four seasons that hung in our living room when I was growing up -- except they are not cheap prints purchased at TG&Y, but were painted by L. Bailey!

How about a set of cocktail glasses that document the Dow Jones Average at various points in history from 1971-1981? Or, a lovely pottery flower pot and a couple of figurines made in Japan. Also, two more brides and their grooms. These are perfect decorations for wedding showers or reception tables, or even the cake!

I love the yellow Desert Ware platter in this grouping.

Do you need one or two milk glass compotes? How about a sleeping angel or a Tiara glass child's plate with a matching mug?

Everyone needs at least one metal box where treasures are kept safe. And, if you think you've got a screw loose, I've got some here you can use to replace it!

The heat is forecast to be in triple digits all week. Come out and enjoy the air conditioning at Antique NV and shop booth #59!