Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cindy's Cupboard, Location # 2 Has Grown

Big news, friends! 

Cindy's Cupboard, location # 2, has moved from a small kiosk to a regular booth at:

Booth #59
Generations Antique Mall
4810 E. 11th Street
Tulsa, OK 

Generations is located on Route 66, next to Tally's Good Food Cafe.

The booth is fully stocked with linens, books, glassware, china,
and many other interesting items.

Plan a trip to see us today!

Frankoma Pottery Signs

Frankoma Pottery signs now available in Cindy's Cupboard, Location # 1.

Booth # 59
Antique NV
102 South First Street
Jenks, Oklahoma

A perfect addition to your Frankoma Pottery collection!