Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shaving Mugs, Mustache Cups, Tea Cups, Vintage Toys & American Indian Recipes

I have a lot of cups to share with you today!

English and German shaving mugs.
English mustache cups.
English tea cups.
Let's add an English tea pot with warmer to go with the English tea cups.
Let's put some cookies in this cute "Kew" chintz dish to serve with our tea.
If, however, you are serving toast with your tea, would you like to churn your own butter?
If cookies or toast are not desired, perhaps you will find a recipe in this 1948 American Indian Recipe book by Alice Tinker from Pawhuska, OK.
And last, but not least, a couple of cute vintage toys. A sewing machine and a cash register.
These items and many more can be found in booth #59 at Antique NV. Why don't you plan to visit!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transferware, Shawnee Corn, Jewel Tea, McCoy & Cocktails!

I've recently been out of town, but I've now returned and am actively acquiring treasures for the cupboard.

This hand embroidered sampler is professionally framed, with a sticker on the back from City Art Store, 213 So. Boulder, Tulsa, OK, GI 7-9505. Phone numbers in Tulsa changed from alpha/numeric to numeric only when I was a kid. This means the sampler has been framed for at least 40 years, perhaps longer. There is a bit of water staining (?) along the bottom of the piece, but it does not really detract from it's overall beauty.
I love these red and blue pieces, as well as the cut glass salts.
How about a glass of juice and a deviled egg? What can we put in the cut glass compote?
Do you collect milk glass or Jewel Tea?
I love Shawnee Corn!
I also love McCoy pottery.
But, I really love stylish cocktails!
Come and see these items, as well as many others, in Booth #59 at Antique NV in Jenks, OK. I'm sure any or all of them would look wonderful in your home!