Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vintage Prints, Silverplate, S&P's, Cookies, Dinosaurs & Cocktails!

A good variety of merchandise was added to the booth today.
I love the vintage flower prints, as well as the Hanukkah cookie cutters.

Did you notice the yellow & green individual S&P's? Cute!
The little turquoise saucer is adorable.

The silverplate ice tea spoons are 1847 Rogers Brothers.

The silverplate soup spoons, butter knife and gravy ladle are Saxony.

Do you need to learn about dinosaurs, while eating dinosaur cookies? 
I can help.

You could learn how to take 35mm photos, while talking on the CB radio, all while learning words from "The Devil's Dictionary."

And, let's not forget the cocktails you can mix and stir.
After all, New Year's Eve approaches!

Martini recipes, as well as other cocktails.

More cocktail recipes.

Happy New Year (plastic) and Sail Boat (glass) swizzle sticks.

Funny history (plastic) and multi color ball (glass) swizzle sticks.

Glasses that can be personalized with your name and drink ingredients!

We would love to see you at Antique NV, in Jenks, OK. 
Be sure to visit me in booth # 59!