Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Second Step

Progress has been a bit slower on Cindy's Cupboard than I expected because I've had a couple of projects (one very unexpected) around the house to manage.

What have I accomplished since my last post?
  • I have the paperwork to complete for my tax exempt number. MUST. SIT. DOWN. AND. DO. IT.
  • I have added more items to the booth inventory by opening my cupboards, as well as purchasing a few things. Every item was checked for cleanliness, photographed, inventoried, tagged, wrapped and packed into storage/transportation bins.
  • I have identified two new sources for inventory.
  • I found a mall with an available booth and inexpensive rent, but it's a bit too far from home. 
What do I plan to do next?
  • Complete and process the tax exempt paperwork.
  • Consult with my talented niece on a logo design for use on printed items (signage, price tags, business cards, etc.)
  • Add to inventory.
  • Perfect inventory organization and storage.
  • Paint shelf and bookcase. Both items will be for sale in the booth, but initially will be used for displays.
  • Find additional items to use for displays.
  • Investigate more malls in the effort to find a home for Cindy's Cupboard
I'll be back next week with another report. Hope to see you here!